Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Week 5: Starstruck Reading

Starstruck: The Business of Celebrity was a very interesting read and made me think a lot about celebrities. I never thought of celebrity as a business, but Elizabeth Currid-Halkett does a great job of examining how celebrities become stars and, most importantly, how celebrities impact society. I think that most people understand that celebrities spend a lot of money to get ready for premiers, the spot light almost always shines on them, they make millions and some people either have “the light” or do not.
What I found to be most interesting was the following quote from page 17, “In a superglobal world… celebrity offers an adhesive that bind us together.” When I first read this, I thought that this was ridiculous and I did not agree. However, after much thought, Currid-Halkett’s point becomes more and more agreeable. People are constantly talking about celebrities, especially secondary age students. Technology, like mentioned by the author, has helped increase this desire for assess to celebrities and has also increased the popularity of reality show stars. There are many users online every day and a plethora of websites that are devoted specifically to stars (E! News, who even has a Facebook page). I think that celebrity may bind us together, but I also think that technology plays a huge role in fueling the “need” for more celebrity news and gossip.
I think this is an important concept that can be discussed in a physiology class in school, or can be used in a world cultures class to discuss societies/cultures and how they evolve during time. Many years ago, celebrities were not that big of a deal.       

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